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21.12.2020 12:00
Сoming time of truce
Let's start with the most significant event: USA The leaders of the US Congress nevertheless decided that «better a lean peace than a fat victory» and formalized a compromise on a stimulus package ($900 billion) aimed at eliminating the consequences of the pandemic. Mutual claims were overcom... Read more
14.12.2020 12:00
Market cancels panic and returns debts
Europe The ECB decided to increase the size of the PEPP program by €500 billion (to €1.85 trillion) and extended its validity until March 2022, and reinvestment until the end of 2023. In addition, the terms of lending on TLTRO have become more loyal, the number of auctions and PELTRO operations... Read more
07.12.2020 12:00
Going back to old goals
The November report on the US labour market came out worse than forecast (confirmed the baseline scenario), although the drop in unemployment levels partially offset the negative. In terms of the upcoming Fed decision, this report is not bad enough to increase and not good enough to reduce the size ... Read more
30.11.2020 12:00
Markets expect stability, but chances are slim
Biden's victory spurred the growth of commodity and export-oriented currencies against the dollar, as the financial and political world hopes for an end to the trade wars. However, Trump still has time before the end of his term, and his administration will have time to implement several decisions t... Read more
23.11.2020 12:00
Markets are waiting for a vaccine for problems
USA Time for Trump's psychosis and cheating to refute the election results is coming to an end we are waiting for Joe Biden's formal statement about moving to White House. Donnie disagrees with the failure of the election, but his ambitions are grandiose. Trump intends to fight for a Republican... Read more