Articles about economics

18.11.2014 08:34
Great Britain's Economy
Carrying out central bank functions in Great Britain is assigned to the Bank of England. Although BA has the status of an independent organization, the Board of Directors is appointed by a special royal decree and only after the approval of... Read more
03.11.2014 14:23
Clearing Activities
Two main systems for offsetting obligations are used in modern clearing. One of them is bilateral (pair-wise) offset when participants are the same parties.  Multilateral offset is somewhat more complex. It deals with the ... Read more
29.10.2014 08:44
Australian Economy
Continuously high interest rates, economy that is developing steadily even though not by leaps and bounds, practically complete absence of currency intervention on the part of official bodies - all of that is the achievement made with the h... Read more
15.10.2014 12:56
Japan's Economy
Japan imports not only raw materials for its own production but also energy resources (gas, coal, oil, uranium, etc.). Only 20% of those raw materials are purchased at domestic markets, the country buys the rest abroad. Japan... Read more
22.09.2014 08:34
Fundamental and Technical Analysis
Unlike fundamental analysis, where the conclusion regarding this or another currency is made on the basis of offer and demand for this currency, technical analysis forms conclusions regarding currency rates on the basis of currency market o... Read more